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Bibliography and Discography for 15th century Italian Dance

- A quick overview - 

The intent of this page is to exchange information on what is avilable for 15th c. Italian dance in the way of extant coreographies and music and modern recordings. I have not tried all of these, nor am I any kind of expert in the matter so please let me know if you can correct or add to this table.

Please see the notes below for the meaning of the abbreviations used, etc. If you have any additions / comments / questions, please e-mail me

Music in:
can be done to music of:
CD and track
Alessandresca, bd GE     F16
Amoroso Isghuardo, balleto        
Amoroso per 2, ballo francese       like Am. for 3?
Amoroso per 3, ballo   Smith, Sparti   AD12, Ferr10
Anello, ballo   Smith   F10, MA3
Angelosa, balleto        
Angiola, ballo        
Ays, bd        
la Bassa di Schastiglia, bd       AD13, RR18
Bassa Franzesse, bd       AD10
la Bassadanza       AD9? AD24?
Belfiore, ballo D Smith    
Belriguardo, ballo D Smith?    
Belriguardo nuovo, ballo per 2 GA ibid?    
Belriguardo nuovo, ballo per 3   ibid?    
Bialre di Chastiglia, balleto        
Borges, bd (franzesse)        
Caterva, bd GE      
Chastelana, bd GE     AD20
Chirintana, balleto        
Chorona Gentile, bd GA      
Colinetto*   Smith    Ferr20/21 (bd) 
Colonnese, ballo GE Smith, Sparti   AD4, MA4
Consolata Phylippo      
Corona, bd        
Corona Gentile, bd        
Corta, bd        
la Crudela, bd        
Cupido, bd GE     F4
Damnes, bd D     AD18
Danza di Re, ballo        
Diamante, bd        
Duchesco, ballo GE      
Duchessa, bd        
Febus, bd D      
il Ferrarese*   Smith    Ferr2 (bd), Ferr9 (ballo) 
Ferretra, ballo        
la Figlia di Guglielmino, bd franc --> ballo Franc, D as below?   AD11, F20, MA12 
la Figlia di Guglielmino   Smith?   Viva5, Ferr4
Fiore de Virtu, ballo       AD3
Fioretto, ballo        
Flandesca, bd D      
Fodra, bd        
la Fortuna, bd Marsetto     F15?
Fortunosa, bd D      
Francho Cuore Gentile        
Fraza Mignon Franzese, ballo        
la Gelosia D Smith, Sparti   AD14, F17, MA14, RR7
Ginevra GE      
Gioia, bd        
Gioioso, ballo GA      
Gioliva, bd GE      
Giove, ballo F11 Smith, Sparti    
Goiso Spagnuolo, ballo        
la Graziosa, balletto        
Grazioso, ballo GE Smith, Sparti   AD2, MA11
Humana, ballo        
la Ingrata, ballo D Smith, Sparti   AD7
Iupiter, ballo        
Lauro, bd Lor. M   la Spagna F13, RR16
Legiadra, ballo GE Smith, Sparti   AD22
Lioncello Vecchio, ballo D Smith?, Sparti?   AD5, F2, MA1, RR11, Ferr11 ?
Lioncello novo   ibid?   as above?
Malgratiosa, balletto        
Malum, bd        
la Marchesana, ballo D Smith, Sparti   AD8, MA2
Mastri di Tromboni        
Mercanzia, ballo   Smith, Sparti   MA15, RR20
Meschina, ballo        
Mignotta Vecchia, bd D      
Mignotta Nova        
Mignotta, bd        
Moderna, bd        
Morosa, bd        
Moza di Bischare, ballo        
Nobile, bd        
Partita Crudele, bd Giu E.      
Pazienza, bd GE     F3 
Pellegrina, bd GE     F5
Petit Rinense (or Riense), ballo francese   Smith, Sparti   F18, MA6, Ferr11
Petite Rose, ballo D      
Pietosa, bd GE      
la Pinzochera   Smith, Sparti   AD15, F12
Prigionera, ballo D Smith, Sparti   AD6
Principessa, bd GE      
Principessa, ballo        
Raia, balletto        
Re di Spagna* Smith    Ferr16 & 7 
Reale, bd D      
Rossina, balletto        
Rostiboli Gioioso, ballo D Smith, Sparti   AD1, F9, MA10
Santomera, ballo        
Se no dormi Dona Ascholtta, ballo        
Sobria, ballo   Smith, Sparti   MA16
la Spagna, bd       Sp1
Spero, ballo GE Smith, Sparti   AD21, F19
Tesara   Smith   AD17, F8
Venus, bd Lor. Med.     F14
Verçeppe   Smith   AD16, F1, MA5
la Vita di Cholino, balletto       AD23
Voltati in ça Rosina   Smith, Sparti   AD19, F6, MA7



The names of the dances are taken from Smith, vol. 2, except for the three that appear in italics and with an asterisk. These are mentioned in Smith vol. 1, which has the music for them and states the following: "3 tenors for bassadanze from Rvat: Collinetto, il Ferrarese and Re di Spagna supposedly can be used for any of the 43 choreographic descriptions of bassadanze". [Smith, vol 1, p.213]
Has anyone verified this for any particular dances?


D = Domenico
GA = Giovanni Ambrioso
GE = Guglielmo Ebreo
Lor. Med. = Lorenzo di Medici
Franc. = Francese (french)

Music in:

Smith: refers to Smith, vol. 1 (see bibliography below)
Sparti: refers to

CD and track:

F = Forse che si, forse che no
MA = Mesura et arte de danzare
AD = Alta Danza
Viva = Viva, viva Rey Fernando
RR= La Cour du Roi René
Ferr = A la Ferrarese
For some I am not sure whether the track will work with all the dances that are similarly named so I have placed question marks around them.



Details and reviews of these CDs can be found at Del's Dancebook:

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